Dominique FREGUIN

Dominique Fréguin

After an apprenticeship in France and Germany ( Mittenwald ) , he settled as a luthier in Strasbourg in 1976 where he engaged in the manufacture and repair of instruments of the quartet. He obtained in 1978 the county price Encouragement Society of Arts & Crafts ( SEMA ) .

From 1982, he made regular courses in the master Etienne Vatelot , expert luthier to improve in the restoration of old instruments and expertise of the old masters . Therefore, It is a personal documentation ( photographs, measurements ) by the instruments (violins , violas, cellos) . It complements this documentation in museums and exhibitions in Europe .

In 1992 , Dominique Fréguin expanding its investigations baroque instruments. He met violist Jonathan Dunford who was then a professor at the Conservatoire National de Région de Strasbourg. It is stimulated by regular exchanges with baroque classes CNR Strasbourg. At the request of the Strasbourg Conservatory he made a copy of the above English violates the 17th century. It builds up the consort viols , experimenting with French models, English and German. These instruments are regularly exposed to various manifestations of baroque violin : to Asfeld ( France ) , Utrecht (Netherlands) , London ( England) , Berlin ( Germany) , Regensburg (Germany), Paris ( Musicora ) and Cremona ( Italy).